Thursday, March 29, 2012

New school year! / Not quite missing in action; new photos

Hi everyone,

The new school year began on 2 March and it's been a great first month. Compared to the first month here, the difference is night and day. Everything was new back then and I could barely read Korean, let alone pronounce names. But now? After just passing the 7 month mark, I think it's fair to say that I'm comfortable here. Life here couldn't get much better. The kids have grown more confident in their speaking abilities, the lessons have gotten better, and the new teachers have been fun to meet.

School had its Marathon Day today, so the kids did a run/walk around the town. From left to right: The fabled Mr. Kim, me, Ji-hye, Su-han. Both are 2nd grade HS students.

Bowling with the Cheorwon Crew in Wasu!

More to come later!

Here are a couple of new photos.