Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick hit: Put down your phone already. Your conversations or stories can wait

I saw a young guy watching TV on his smart phone while he urinated in the men's room at Gangbyeon Station today. He was holding his phone in his left hand and carrying on as if it were normal.  I saw this and couldn't help but marvel at it. Right when it seems everyone and their dog can't put down their phone to actually LOOK where they're going, along comes this guy.

The TV show can wait for a few minutes, man. Your stories will still be there. And while there’s only this one instance so far, I’ve seen more than enough people walking slowly while watching TV shows on the subways and sidewalks already. It never seems to enter their minds that there are other people around and that they should probably look up to see where they’re going. I thought the texting was bad enough, but this is worse. People look at their phones so often that I’ve even played chicken with some of the students in Wasu. I simply keep walking and go “boo!” right before we would hit each other. Why not? It pays to be careful.

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