Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something I learned today: 12 December 2012

Despite coming off of a teachers dinner and a busy but good day, I thought I'd
log some new stuff I learned between yesterday and now. I've always strived to learn new things and it sometimes feels like I haven't been doing enough of that. It's like getting through the day is enough in itself.

--Christmas is more of a couples holiday than a family holiday here.

--The students enjoy eating cake on Christmas Day.

--While golf is expensive in Korea, it is cheap in Myanmar. I learned this because one of the math teachers has been to Myanmar to play golf a few times and JB the co-teacher translated the conversation for me.

--The construction continues.

--The students love the movie Home Alone.

--The country's in the middle of one of the harshest cold snaps in years.

--Hanwoo (Korean) beef tastes as good as the advertisements say it does. We knocked down some delicious steaks tonight at a restaurant/butcher shop in Wasu. Don't let the description fool you: the restaurant's above the shop and it's one of the nicest restaurants I've seen here. We hadn't been there before, but perhaps we'll make it back again.

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