Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Vacation Day 11: Information about shipping stuff home

Had another slow and relaxing day yesterday. I wrote this on 8 Jan but didn't post it until today.

The time’s come for several members of the crew to move on. February 2013 will bring about a large group exodus from Cheorwon. I’ll have to consult with Kirsten about this, but this may be one of the biggest changeovers in local history, for 40% of us EPIK'ers are flying out: Matt, Nina, and Esther will be leaving after 2 years; Kirsten will be leaving after 3 years.

The impending move’s prompted much discussion over how best to ship things home. Esther writes,
I just mailed 4 large boxes back to the States. Make sure you tell them it's by surface before you fill out the paper! It should be a paper that says CP and had a barcode next to it. EMS is mail by air and costs a lot more. CP/ surface takes 2-4 months. I sent four of the no.5 size boxes and it cost 165,000₩. You can make an appointment for them to come pick up the boxes from your place and they'll drive you to the post office to fill out the paperwork. I suggest having a Korean person call and make the appointment for you. You need to correct address of your apt!
Cheorwon alumni Craig adds,
We recently received the boxes we posted before leaving. As a guide, the maximum size we could post was a size 5 box, 14kg, 40k-50k Won, and it arrived within 3 months.
Fellow alum Jerush says,
 Ours took just under 2 months. We mailed 5 big boxes totaling about 55 kg and costing under 200,000.

Their information will prove helpful for when it comes time for me to move. Anyone who lives in a foreign country should consider the logistics behind shipping things home. Since many of us only stay for one or two years, the time to leave comes up quickly. It’s good to know things in advance, so I hope this helps expats over here.

Special thanks to Esther, Craig, and Jerusha for the quotes.

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