Monday, January 28, 2013

Waiting to fly home/Grand Canyon 1

It's that time again. I'm waiting in the San Francisco airport for the flight back to Incheon. I just finished a tasty pastrami sandwich, a sandwich that more or less had to get eaten because of pastrami's scarcity in Korea. (If you know of a pastrami joint in Korea, please comment) Those sandwiches will be missed, that's for sure. Even my beloved kimbab can't compare to the power of the sandwich. I ate plenty of them while in the States. Then again, kimbab offers seaweed, rice, and vegetables, and a fried egg. Not many sandwiches have that.

It's been a hell of a time here in the States, one filled with many memories. My family hasn't taken a vacation in many years, so it felt great to do it. I'll get to back to Arizona as soon as possible, for it boasts a great landscape and had plenty of activities. My aunt and uncle were great hosts and we went somewhere or did something new every day:

Saguaro National Park
Mt. Lemmon
Pima County Air and Space Museum
The Grand Canyon
Arizona barbecue/ quality prime rib

More will pictures to come soon. I still need to sort through everything that came before the Grand Canyon.

About the pictures:

My brother and I rarely take pictures together, so here we are. He's already off to a great start with his company.

Mexican food: spinach and chicken enchiladas, vegetables, and refried beans. Quality!

Dessert: Apple cinnamon flautas that I almost forgot to take a photo of. Also excellent. (Note: If you're ever in Phoenix, go to Garcia's, located inside the Arizona Mills Mall)

Brody the dog. He's a cool guy.

To come: Further posts about what we did and what we saw. I've also had plenty of thoughts rumbling around my head about being back in the States

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