Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quick update: 2 Feb 2013 / More rock and roll

Right-o, the vacation's come to an end and I'm back at school--not literally at school right now, but back. I came back to school to find I was one of ~5 people there. The day went well despite the lack of activity in the building. I jammed the iPod I acquired in Phoenix and made some personal and professional plans.

The Arizona posts will come out soon. Until then, enjoy Chris's words of wisdom about leaving the country and some music:

Shin Joong-Hyun and the Yup-Juns - Beautiful Woman 
(신중현 과  엽전들 - 미인)

Long Long Night (긴긴 밤)

These guys rock. I'll have a write up about them soon too.

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