Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sniper's Ridge monument in Gimhwa

It's no secret that I enjoy walking; I do a lot of it here since everything is close in town. Last weekend, I spent most of an afternoon walking to Gimhwa and back via the walking paths along the Wasu Stream. The sun shone brilliantly and the weather was about as good as spring gets before the summer rains come.

As mentioned before, Cheorwon County sits on a Korean War battleground. It's home to Sniper's Ridge, in fact. See the beautiful monument below:

The stairway to the top, with the flowers in full spring bloom.

The monument

A wider view of the monument. Not pictured: The other cannon. 
Pastoral Gimhwa, the town just north of Wasu.
Just north of where the Wasu Stream meets the Hwa River. I stopped here to eat a roll of a kimbap.

Above: Two bunkers built into the earth near the monument. Bunkers are everywhere here. The soldiers probably use the bunkers when they have drills.

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