Friday, July 25, 2014

Quick hit: Two weeks without FB/More unplugging

No more Facebook.

And I don't miss it. It has made getting ahold of some friends more difficult, but I don't miss its headache-inducing interface, the incessant ads, or the time I wasted on it.

And actually, it spurred what's become a series of long emails with an old friend from Wisconsin. We'd rarely written each other before, but now that FB is gone, we've move to email and have written more in depth about our lives. It's a positive change.

More unplugging

  • I no longer read emails on my phone. All data has been erased. The accounts have been un-synced. I did so out of concerns for privacy and because reading emails on the phone's screen gave me headaches. 
  • I deleted Wordpress and Blogger. Blogging will be done on the iPad or at home.
  • I kept Skype and Kakao simply because they used for talking with my American family and friends and the Cheorwon crew.

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