Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pictures of Sincheorwon, Cheorwon County, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Some pictures of the town I live in now. The time felt right to do a quick picture post. Sincheorwon's one of Cheorwon County's three main towns. Its name literally means "New Cheorwon" because the original Cheorwon got renamed Dongsong.

Sincheorwon's about 10 minutes from the Gyeonggi-do border.

A nice park that's on the way to the middle school and high school. It's on a street I'd never gone down prior to two weeks ago. The shade's nice.

On the left is my building. It's a change from all of the shade of the trees in front of the E3 building in Wasu. 

I walked a little further along the road and took this one because it shows how the farms abut the buildings here.

Little exercise areas among the walking paths.

Looking toward the E1 building I live in.

Looking out from the front doors of the middle school.

The front doors of Sincheorwon Middle School.

Bottom: The DC Mart. [DC = Discount]
Middle: Dirty Math and GnB English, two of the hagwons in town. The name Dirty Math intrigues me, for I wonder what's supposed to mean. Does it mean dirty, as in quick and dirty? Or does it literally mean math is a dirty subject? Or maybe it just sounded like a good name?
Top: One more hagwon. Transliterated from the Korean: Je-il Hagwon. [#1 Hagwon]

View from my side window on an overcast day.

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