Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Re: Plugging in / A cartoon about smart phones

Some of my former 1st grade high school students drew this picture for their newspaper posters during the 2014 summer camp.

It's accurate. When the middle and high schoolers get together outside of school, their gatherings look something like this. Is the same thing happening in the USA? Probably. Yet this isn't a case of "Wow, Korea's crazy," but rather, "Hmm, maybe we're spending too much time in front of screens." 

I've a close friend in Cheorwon. We meet every week or so for dinner and cafe action. Both of us carry phones with us, yet we both put them on silent and don't look at them during our conversations. The temptation abounds, though. We often discuss music or films and become curious about various release dates or creative personnel. We sometimes do get anxious for instant clarification, but we've agreed to let those things go and focus on talking to each other instead. 

Again, this isn't about being "better." Phones and technology have their places. I just think that the phones can be put away when friends are in the room. 

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