Saturday, March 21, 2015

'Round three weeks ago

I left Korea three weeks ago and went on the road. I didn't properly close the blog down, but then maybe it can't really be closed down. There are still a few more stories to be told on here. Not only that, but at present I've no plans to delete anything here since it might help anyone in Korea or thinking of going to Korea.

Living and teaching in Korea was a wonderful time. It may not have been so apparent from the last few posts on here, but I did enjoy being part of EPIK. The problem was that it came time to move on from EPIK. It happens. I still enjoy teaching, be it language arts or EFL. 

For those who have read and commented here, thank you. I had no idea this blog would be read as often as it is.

My new blog called

More posts to come whenever I get around to them...