Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Seoul Trip #5 / Hyehwa shopping action

After the long but awesome trek, Paula and I went shopping in the Hyehwa area of northern Seoul. Hyehwa's a special place for us because our Orientation site was nearby at the National Institute for International Education.

A typical Saturday night. This pic and the one below come from the side street. Though the main streets of Seoul boast some fine stores, it seems as though the real action is on the much narrower side streets.

The main street.

Seoul Trip #5 / Gimpo DMZ Action

Paula took these pictures. They're from the DMZ Tracking Festival trip we took in Seoul. We did this on 5 Nov 2011.

Along the way there.

In front of an ROK tank.

There was a marching band performance on this football/soccer field before the hiking began. Various soldiers were there too. Here's me and gillie suit man.