Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tricks and treats for the eyes

At the Trick Eye Museum near Hongdae Station

Another one from the “delayed weekend destinations” file.

The Trick Eye’s a topic attraction among Koreans and foreigners alike. Too bad finding it is more difficult than necessary. For such a famous place it sure is hidden in the already dense and bustling Hongdae area. People looking for the museum will find few markers or signs indicating its location. Rochelle and I got out there and went up and down the side streets for the better part of an hour looking for it ourselves. We finally happened upon the 서교 Plaza (Seogyo) that houses the museum and went in with high hopes. It’s in the basement of the building and has the Santorini Café inside it as well, so look for Santorini café signs as well.

It was as good as the pictures we’d see from others who had been there! We enjoyed the artwork and making funny poses with them. There isn’t too much that I can add here about it because the Trick Eye’s all about using art to make optical illusions. My favorite pictures were of the torture wheel and the bank vault, but all the pictures looked good. Some seemed to make for more interesting pictures than others. Imagining breaking out all that money felt good.

I’d recommend Trick Eye for anyone looking for a good afternoon jaunt. It makes for a fine dating venue because of all the opportunities for photos and conversation, so get down there with your boy or girl for fun time!

If you go:


The price is 13,000won per person. Kids may be cheaper.
It’s near Hongdae Station’s exit 9.
Excellent blog post about the place.
Good directions above.

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