Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Arizona: Mt. Lemmon

We took a ride up a twisting mountain road and stopped at various points along the way. The Who’s song “I Can See For Miles” never left my head the entire time we were there. The sky was bright and sunny. I gazed out and felt glad for the change of temperature and scenery. I saw the lines of houses on the desert floor and imagine the place without them there. At one point we saw a wrecked van on the mountain side too.

At the bottom of the mountain, we basked in 70 degree sunshine and at the top, we picnicked in a mild 50 degree breeze. Snow lay all around and the forested top brought Colorado or upper Michigan to mind. The Fry’s sandwiches went down well with the trail mix we brought up. 

Looking out over the miles of desert and cacti. Try imagining the landscape without houses.

Cue up those episodes of the Coyote and the Road Runner. It's a long way down.

At the top: snow and skiing.

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