Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Arizona: Saguaro National Park

It lies down the road from my aunt and uncle’s house and was our first destination after me and the immediate family arrived at their house the day before. The expansive park has two branches: Saguaro West –Tucson Mountain District and Saguaro East-Rincon Mountain District. We went to the East district because it was closest to the house.

The area’s a prime stretch of desert. My aunt and uncle have season passes to the park, so we got right in and took a look around. We drove on the Desert Ecology Trail and stopped every so often to look around. Cacti stood tall in every direction we looked in. They made quite a sight. I learned that cacti don’t sprout arms until they’re over 75 years old. I didn't know they could live to be over 150 years old. That’s a long time. To think that most of those cacti were around during the Depression or earlier is an interesting thought. They have surely seen plenty of change in the States.

While at the park, we chanced upon a KBS television crew! KBS is Korea Broadcasting service. We’d gotten out of the car when I’d seen a 3-person crew setting up a camera and talking amongst themselves. I listened and heard they were speaking Korean, so I went over and said hello. They were surprised I knew a bit of Korean and I asked about what they were up to. One of the three said they were filming a spot for the upcoming Korean baseball league’s spring training program in Arizona. Cool stuff. I hope they had a good time out there!

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