Thursday, February 21, 2013

Krock 4: Chang Ki-ha and Faces

Another group I need to get some records from!

Chang Kiha & Faces (장기하와 얼굴들), "싸구려 커피" (Ssaguryeo Keopi/"Cheap Coffee")
From the Youtube post:

The song is about the "880000 Won generation", or the Korean people in their 20~30s right now who, thanks to some pretty terrible labor law practices, can only get part time jobs or internship that, if lucky, pays about 880000 won ($880) a month. So they live in terrible apartments (with damp flooring made out of vinyl) and can only afford to drink 'cheap coffee' while having nothing to do all day.

there are many other genres of music in korea, simply kpop may refer to the idol musics bands like snsd, bigbang, wondergirls etc,,, but these types of korean music is called korean indie or K-INDIE
I've heard the term "880,000won Generation" before. It refers to the amount of money that many twenty-something Koreans earn per month.

Jang's lyrics ring true in my experience. I haven't known too many Koreans who are in this spot, but his lyrics can apply to plenty of people I knew back home in Milwaukee. He's right to note the damn vinyl floor coverings in the apartments here. They can get sticky at times. Most apartments have vinyl flooring that's made to look like wood paneling. My place has it too. The song's about more than cheap coffee--it's about the loneliness and the frustration of having nothing to do but sit around. I've been there a few times in the past, especially in Milwaukee. I wasn't poor or anything, but there were times when there wasn't any money to spend that day because I needed to buy groceries or needed to pay the bills.

Also, I've written before about coffee in Korea. Cheap coffee does indeed taste cheap, and though I enjoy coffee every morning, I couldn't tell you too much about this blend or that blend. Most of it tastes similar, but the French roasts and the breakfast blends tend to go down quite well.

Note the excellent recurring descending guitar lick!

Chang Kiha & Faces, 별일 없이 산다 장("I live in peace"/Byeolil Eobsi Sanda)

A good driving rock song with some snaking bass lines. I bet it’d be even better live because the clean production saps away some of the song’s power. It sounds good and clear, but sometimes more grit is needed. Another one to look up the words for.

"그렇고 그런 사" / "A Twosome"

Awesome retro surf guitar here! Bouncy and fun to play. Call it a rock and roll cousin to Secret's "Move."

To end the post on a funny note, here's "I've Watched TV," a funny number about--you guessed it!--watching TV. It has a catchy piano melody and some slow ringing guitar in it. Enjoy!

Cover of 1st album. This is a good look at the clustered and compressed neighborhoods typical of Seoul.

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