Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Remembering the departing Crew members

While at dinner last night, Gracie asked us all to say a few words about our departing friend Kirsten. She asked each of us to say one thing we’ll remember about her and to tell a story about her if possible.

The conversation spurred a series of thoughts about what I’ll remember most about those who are leaving. Admittedly, it is hard to say one or two things about any of them because they’re a fine bunch of people who’ve helped make Cheorwon a great place to live and work.

l  She always had something interesting to say. I don’t her ever being at a loss for words about anything. She could take any topic and make it compelling. During one of the last times we hung out, she talked for 15 minutes about cleaning apartments and how some people aren’t as clean as they appear. I never expected that. 
l  Always brimming with energy and wanting to play drinking games. He also served as Coordinator and organized the Cheorwon Olympics.
l  Her gregarious and outgoing nature. She’d say “Oh, you have to!” in her native New Jersey accent and you’d feel the Jedi mind trick working.
l  Her smile and her enthusiasm for hot sauce.
l  His ability to say the angriest things in voices that were funny as hell. He’d get mock angry and get us all laughing.
l  Her warm personality and celebrating Diwali at her Uncheon apartment.

Farewell, everyone! You’ll be missed here. It seems crazy to say “Goodbye” in this hyperconnected world of ours because of how we can write emails to each other, but it is tough to think about how we won’t see each other again for a long time, if ever. With any luck, we’ll all get to see each other again! Make no mistake; though you won’t be here in Cheorwon, the memories live on.

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