Thursday, August 25, 2011

A busy corner of Seoul

Today has been a whirlwind of activity. I'd love to knock out a few detailed paragraphs, but those will come later. Below are some quick observations:

The freeways out of Incheon and into Seoul have no cracks or potholes in them.

Seoul is bustling with people and energy.

I arrived in Incheon yesterday at 4:30pm local time. My EPIK contact gave me a ride from Incheon into Seoul for the EPIK orientation. Since I came in late, I'm only here until tomorrow, as I'm going to my province then.

I'm in the Cheorwon District of the Gangwon province. You'll see on Google Maps that I'm ~20 miles from the DMZ. The proximity excites me.

The food, the food and the food: simply delicious! Try the squid. Seriously.

There are no open container laws here and beer is available more or less 24/7.

Soju tastes like wine mixed with vodka and it's dirt cheap.

More pics when the activity lets up and I grab the camera. I'm just happy as I can be right now. It's been wonderful meeting people from around the US and from New Zealand, Ireland, Scotland, England, and South Africa.

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