Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wasu-ri, my sweet home pt. 2

...I didn't get to this last night since I cut out of the PC room around 11:30pm local time and was feeling tired after a long day.

Two days ago Mr. Park helped me acquire a cell phone, so now I can communicate with the EPIK crew in the area. Yesterday saw me making my first phone call in over two weeks. Boy, did that feel strange...

Just a 30 minutes ago I talked to my mom and dad on the cell phone. It felt good to hear their voices. Dad had been researching how to figure out the international calls and he did it! Thanks! We didn't talk long because I've no idea how much time my 30,000 won of minutes gets me. I wish I didn't have to say that. It sounds inconsiderate to talk about money and charges to my parents when they're 6500 miles away and we haven't spoken to each other since I left. Nonetheless, we had a good time.

I should receive my Alien Registration Card within two weeks. Once I receive that I can get Internet access in the apartment and get the hell on Skype already. Can't wait for that one.

Also, I've Orientation in Seoul from 21 to 26 Sept. While there I'll be getting the bank account set up with all the others 8-)

Some good things will be happening soon.

Now I think it's time to let the pictures do the talking:
Cheorwon welcome BBQ in Dongsong:

We Americans brought beer pong to Korea! From left to right: Jerusha's legs, Esther, Jason (?), Matt, Mr. Chai (Matt's co-teacher). Jason's a Korean firefighter.
Mr. Chai had never experienced beer pong before but I had a great time with it.

The girls play wine pong and pose Korean style for the picture. Left to right: Janette (England), Claire (England), Esther, Gabe, Kirsten (Scotland)

1.6L bottles of Korean beer. In Korea you pay for beer by the can, so buying a 6 pack or case can run you anywhere from 6500 to 40000 won (~$6 to $40), so most economical way to get beer is to buy it in these soda-style bottles. They cost about 3800 won (~$3.50). Bottling the beer like this does work well, I've noticed. Even after 3 days the Cass does still taste fresh. As a side note, the Cass Lemon tasted a bit like the lemon version of Miller Chill.

Another side note: Since we're on the metric system, no 40ozs exist here. But fear not, liter bottles of Cass and the like are readily available.

More of the crew, from left to right: Gabe, Scott, Kirsten, Nina, Jerusha, and Esther.

View of the hills and mountains from the apartment building. I simply can't get over how beautiful the land looks here. Here's another picture:

The Sincheorwon Welcome Dinner
This happened a short time ago after Gabe, Peter, and I got into Wasu.

Matt, Scott, Gabe, Johanna, Carrie (England), Jerusha, Claire, Esther.
We are bulgogi (beef) and had a great time. Korean food features one main dish and endless side dishes.
Some other stuff:

Just to show how safe life is here, here's DMZ bottled water that I bought at Lotte Mart in Yangju. When I saw it, I had to have it.

In a window of a soldier's store in Sincheorwon. All of the graphics for the Korean army look like this. More to come on that later.


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