Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The upcoming Seoul trip #8 / Updates / "The Quirks of Being a Korean"

  • There'll be more pictures to come soon enough. Much as I want to get them on here ASAP, stuff keeps coming up.
  • I'll be in Seoul again for the weekend because Paula and I have some German markets to check out. It should go well. We're returning to this place,, because their accomodations rock.
  • A tentative list/time table of upcoming posts:
    • The semester has been drawing to a close here and I suppose it's time to reflect on these first few months. Expect more stuff about school life.
    • More pictures from the Seoul trips.
    • A bunch of K-pop album reviews. These should've been written sooner. Frankly, if Motown and the 60s heralded the Golden Age of Girl Groups, then I'm living in the Second Golden Age of Girl Groups here in Korea. Never before have I heard so much decent pop music on the radio. The Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation, Brown Eyed Girls, and of course, 2NE1 all have excellent material out there.
      • The boy bands aren't bad either; not to slight them or anything (Super Junior and BEAST rock), but the girl groups have the musical and the visual appeal. I like the way they look.
  • Finally, this article about daily life in Korea.

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