Monday, April 30, 2012

Clearing the vaults

Both schools have exams this week, so I've some extra time to update this page. Here are some pictures.

Dongdaemun Hostel, Seoul, mid-April 2012

I stayed here a couple of weeks ago when I met Paula in Hyehwa. While this is the smallest room I've booked, it felt comfortable and cozy. It had all the necessary amenities. Being on the shorter side has its advantages. Next to the chair lay a small refrigerator.

COEX Mall, late February 2012  (near Samseong Station in Seoul)

I took my good friend Eun-jin out for her birthday. We ate delicious Mexican food at On The Border. For you shopping nuts and people watchers out there, note that COEX is Asia's largest underground mall.

From the "My students are awesome" file: Bleny's note, mid-March 2012

Bleny's a tall and outgoing HS 3rd grade girl. One day she came up to me when I was walking up the stairs and handed me that red pill above. I'm glad I didn't swallow it, because in my moment of hesitation, she told me she wrote me something. You can see three micro-scrolls above. Creative stuff. 

Her younger sister, Eun-sun, once wrote a thank you note when she finished her visual puns activity early, too.

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