Sunday, June 17, 2012

Military Demos on a Pocheon Mountain / Metal Storm

From a recent Facebook status update: "I joined my high school kids for a field trip to a mountainside military base yesterday. We saw a *live fire* demonstration of American and Korean tanks, jets, and helicopters. I saw an A10 Warthog in all its glory and that famous machine gun sounded menacing. See the Youtube link for one part of what we saw. The Naver link has pictures. The artillery fire was deafening. The tank fire will hit in the guts from hundreds of feet away. We saw (and heard) this multiple times during the hour long demonstration. It ranks as one of the best times I've had here. We got to see the tanks, missiles, and bombs that shelled the mountain. Enjoy."
The Korean and American military holds this demo every year. This video shows exactly what we saw, except we had much better weather.
This page has the pictures.

More to come later.

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