Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seoul to Busan

(Written on the train ride between Daegu and Busan)

The clock says 1:55am and we're around 15 minutes from Busan. The train ride has been good. They shake you around like the Amtrak trains do though, so writing and typing here doesn't always work so well. Reading's fine though.

Everything went according to plan. We arrived at Seoul Station with the ticket reservations and passports in hand. The woman at the counter only looked at my passport because I'd bought the tickets in my name. I had my ARC out as well, but she didn't look at it. She only looked at the passport to confirm the number and my ID. Note to ex-pats over here who haven't ridden the rails over here yet: bring your passport because the ARC will not suffice.

Later: 3am. Found the hotel after walking in circles for 20 minutes. We were a block away the entire time. The Busan Inn is literally across the street from Busan Station, but they don't actually tell you how to get there beyond "it's 200 yards from Busan Station," which sounds quite easy until you remember the confusing scheme behind Korean addresses. It's times like these when Rochelle's iPhone comes in handy. Google Maps has helped us more times than we can count.

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