Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gentleman Crab vs The Great Catsby

A little while ago I did a middle school lesson in which I gave groups a series of photos and asked them to make up conversations the people in the photos might have. They were free to say whatever they wished, but they could lean upon what they'd learned in class up if they needed ideas. The purpose was to see what they'd come up with. The lesson also meant I could use some funny pictures that had been lying dormant on the USB drive. At first, I thought the plan might backfire because how English grammar scares the students, but they delivered some interesting work. This sheet has some standard expressions on it, but I'm including it because who can resist Gentleman Crab and a cat dressed in a business suit?

Also, I didn't have time to tell the group about it, but they accidentally nailed the slang and irony of saying "What it is?" especially in the context of a rich office.

Special thanks to my old friend Mike from DIAD Designs for finding the Gentleman Crab picture. Note the sunglasses the kids drew on him.

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