Friday, July 26, 2013

Live from Gimpo Airport

I guess we arrived perhaps too early, for having followed "better safe than sorry" line of airplane travel in the States, we arrived 2 hours before our flight time. The Jeju Air plane to Jeju Island leaves in approximately an hour. Check-in and security were a breeze to get through. Both things took less than 20 minutes total. We're in the waiting area using the free Wi-fi now. The terminal's busy, but not crowded. 

We won't have a long time on the island, but we're both excited for the trip. Cheers.

Note: The domestic terminal as a StoryWay convenience store that sells beer, if anyone's so inclined to have a drink before boarding the plane. The prices are the same as any other convenience store. I was surprised that you could drink beer in the waiting area because such a thing would never happen back home.

See the "Archives" sidebar for more posts from this month. July has proven quite fruitful for blogging.

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