Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oppan tractor style!

Here's the vehicle of choice for many farmers and older folks in rural Korea: A field tiller hitched to a two wheel trailer. They don't go faster than 5 miles per hour, but they're everywhere out here. The car shop across the street uses their tractor/tiller to crush aluminum cans. One of the guys dumps a bunch of cans on the driveway and proceeds to drive the tractor over them. It works.

I'll have more updates later. The past few weeks have been busy with conferences and exams. There hasn't been much time to write, but I've plenty of topics in the the pipeline. As it happens, we teachers in Gangwon have the annual conference in Yangyang to go to this Friday. It'll be a one day affair this time and it will involve waking up early for the drive there, but we'll make it a good time.

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