Tuesday, January 7, 2014

(Belated) A Kormerican Christmas

This post is coming a couple weeks late, but oh well. The holiday spirit is still with me...

R and I enjoyed a "Kormerican" Christmas, for a blend of Western and Korean things took place on that day and the Eve:

Christmas is a national holiday, so we were able to gather for a barbecue potluck on the Eve and have Christmas Day off from school. Matt and I handled the grilling of the meats and the toast while others brought sides to share. We grilled outside on the apartment balcony and huddled around the grills to keep warm. We grilled Korean galbi and our version of Texas toast out there. Cal took over later on when we needed meat reinforcements. It went quite well. Later on, a Korean buddy of Matt and Alli showed up and grilled up a third round of meat on the kitchen stove. We all agreed has some fine cooking skill! Matt and Alli's page has the photos.

 As is customary in some circles, we did a "White Elephant" gift exchange. I'm new to this one, but it was good all of the same. I enjoyed watching everyone bicker over the trades and steals. Evidently you can do those kinds of things.

Christmas Day continued with the mingling of cultures: The American aspects consisted of our gift exchange and Rochelle cooking a roast for dinner. We also watched three movies, a personal best. Two of them were related to Christmas, yet they had nothing to do with Santa: Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. They were good.

The Korean part was small, but substantial: We ordered Korean food for delivery. The restaurants deliver every most every day because national holidays really mean only the schools and some government services close down, so otherwise, stuff's more or less the same. It felt strange ordering delivery on Christmas because we've never been able to do that in our respective home states. The food tasted quite good though.

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