Monday, June 30, 2014

Cruising along the Han River/Bike rentals and Yeouinaru Han River Park

I went to a favorite place in Seoul, the riverside park at Yeouinaru, on Saturday to enjoy some quiet time by the water and to try out Seoul's bike rental program. Despite having been to the park a few times previously, I'd never rented a bike there. Riding along the riverside bike path piqued my interest, so away I went. 

The bikes aren't particularly sporty, but they do nicely for a ride on a summer day. I jumped on, pedaled to the bike lane, and headed east. I ended up riding as far as Dongjak station, some 4km away, before turning back. Here are some photos I took.

Old Red. Looking northwest.

Looking northwest, near Dongjak Station.

If you want to go...

Renting a bike is easy: Bring a form of photo ID for a "deposit" and 3,000 won to the window and any bike on the lot is yours for an hour. If you want to go longer, it's 1000 won for every 15 minutes past the hour. I found the rental center by asking for directions once I get on the park; upon getting outside Yeouinaru Station,, walk toward the CU convenience store and restaurant. Keep walking for a minute or so. The rental center has a tent covering the bikes and shed-like area to pay at.

Also, Yeouinaru is just one of many places where people can rent bikes in Seoul. Some places even rent bikes for free. See this site for more information!

Bonus material:

After a good hour's ride, I returned Old Red and set off in search of a tree to sit and read under. When I got up 75 minutes later, I came across this Bookmobile here:

A mobile library--Good idea! I didn't see too many people reading in the park, but still, I liked seeing this.

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