Monday, May 7, 2012

The high school/middle school campus, revisited

I've already posted pictures of the high school, but until now I haven't said much about the campus itself. The campus comprises the high school, the girls middle school, the big detached gym/auditorium, the English/math building with the "multi-purpose room", the teachers' apartment building* and a dorm. The dorm got built during the last semester and houses about 1/3 of the high school boys and girls. It also has a cafeteria and couple of lecture rooms. Most teachers share the cafeteria with the students, though some of them go out for lunch or eat in their apartments.

Gimhwa's rural area makes the campus different because most Korean schools don't put a middle and high school together or have dorms for students or apartments for teachers. The teachers in Seoul commute to their schools, for example.

The new dorm.

The other side. Note the big balcony on the right.

My middle school 3rd graders saw me taking pictures and practically begged for a picture. They're a fun bunch :) A lot of girls do like Mi-yeon does and wear big fleece towels to keep warm. The weather's been warm though, yet the towels are still out. 

Here's the courtyard between the two schools.

The flowers in front of the high school.

I hereby bring you...a shrubbery!

Some flowers for you horticulturalists out there.

* - There are three apartment buildings for teachers: there's one mentioned above, my building, and a big one next door to my building.

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