Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Never Mind The Gun Range, Here Comes The Teacher's Dinners

Previously, I've mentioned the Army barracks that's behind the E3 apartment building. What I haven't mentioned is the shooting practice that's been going on at irregular intervals for the past few weeks. The boys get started in the morning and usually carry on until the dinner hour. The sounds dissipate over the long distance, so they don't seem threatening or anything like that. Every now and then they test grenades or bombs in the morning, too. I've been at school a few times and have heard the rumbles. Nobody bats an eye at it here. Nina from Dongsong says the same thing. Living near the DMZ's a fun time for things like this. Truck convoys go up and down the road every day. Sometimes tanks roll by too. I found out there's a small teacher's dinner tonight. There's been one every Tuesday for four weeks now. Last week featured two of them. Time to knock down some soju shots!

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