Monday, July 16, 2012

Interlude: best quotes of the semester

As the semester comes to a close this week, here are some of the best things the MS and HS students have said during class.

S1 - Whats your favorite color?
Liz Black.
S1 - Why?
Liz - Im black.

My favorite instrument is saxophone because it sounds luxurious. A HS 1st grade boy during class.

Discussion question: What is exciting to you?
Jae-suk (HS grade 1 girl) - Sleeping
So-young (HS grade 1 girl) - Eating

Discussion question: What can you do at the bank?
S1 (HS grade 1 boy) - Shoot a gun
S2 (HS grade 1 boy - Rob it

Discussion question: What will you do this weekend
HS grade 1 boy Drink. (After 5 seconds) Juice.

One 3rd grade MS class had a discussion on double eyelid surgery, so I did the next lesson on beauty. I wanted to get the students' thoughts on beauty and how they viewed people of different sizes. Koreans can have specific standards about beauty, particularly in the "V-line" face and "S-line" body, so I thought it'd be a good topic to address.
    • When it seemed as though the students only thought skinny girls could be pretty, I asked if a fat girl could be pretty. One girl, Eun-sun, answered with "Only to her boyfriend." Later on, Dae-rae said "Wisdom is inner beauty."

Bacchus is the Korean life force Sunny the math teacher. Bacchus is a Korean energy drink. Its a less extreme version of 5-Hour Energy shots.

Im going to the park so I can fight. An HS 1st grade boy.
(From a lesson on going places. The target expression was variations on Im going to ~ so I can ~.)

You look like a grandfather. Its good! Da-hye, an HS student.
(Upon seeing the mustache I was growing in March)

Mr. Choi the co-teacher on hangovers: We met with [teachers] yesterday and we drank from 10:30pm. Yesterday was no problem. The problem is today.

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