Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The middle and high school timetables

It's time for some info about the teaching logistics in Wasu. I never got around to posting this. It should've gone up during the first week last year, but it didn't. Here's the schedule my two schools follow:
Time Allotment
Middle School
High School
09:00~09:45 (45min.)
08:20~09:10 (50min.)
09:55~10:40 (45min.)
09:20~10:10 (50min.)
10:50~11:35 (45min.)
10:20~11:10 (50min.)
11:45~12:30 (45min.)
11:20~12:10 (50min.)
13:20~14:05 (45min.)
12:20~13:10 (50min.)
14:15~15:00 (45min.)
14:00~14:50 (50min.)
15:20~16:05 (45min.)
15:00~15:50 (50min.)
16:15~17:00 (45min.)
16:10~17:00 (50min.)

Middle school lunch: 12:30-13:20
High school lunch: 13:10-14:00
Middle school cleaning time: 15:00-15:20
High school cleaning time 15:50-16:10

*The middle school has some early classes that I don't know the times of. They're in session at around 8 or 8:30am.

* High school 9th class - 5:10-6:00
High school dinner/break time - 6:00-7:00
There are also some night classes. I'm not sure of their exact times. I taught the 9:10-10:00pm 1st grade class for a few weeks last semester and while it went fairly well, those kids were well beyond tired. It's amazing how they could stay awake and focus for that long.

For the sake of contrast: I went to high school from 7:20am to 2:45pm and did 0-75 minutes of homework every night.

Much has been said about Korea's high achieving students and about how the US needs to catch up. And as much as I support Korea's drive for education, all of its scholastic achievements come at a price. The students put in long hours and live in a nearly constant state of stress over the next exam. I'll be expanding on the students and their working hours in the near future.

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