Sunday, March 3, 2013

Last day before school begins/teaching updates

Thursday brought a flurry of activity at my school. Everyone was scurrying about cleaning up the offices and getting ready for the new year. Why they weren't doing that earlier, I don't know. It's not like anything much was going on this past month. So little happened that I grew nervous with wondering when I'd ever get the timetables for classes. The answers--most of them, anyway--came on Thursday. I went from knowing nothing about the upcoming year to hearing the following in 2 hours:

  • I'm not teaching HS 3rd grade
  • All the high school classes take place from Monday to Wednesday
  • I'm not teaching girls MS 3rd grade
  • All of the girls MS classes take place on Friday

And this:

  • I am indeed teaching at the boys MS now and classes will take place on Thursdays.

I'd long wondered about whether this would happen after Kirsten left, for her departure would mean the boys MS wouldn't have an EPIK teacher. It makes sense that I'd take over there as well. I've yet to meet with the boys MS teachers, but that doesn't bother me too much because there's still plenty of time to talk about the first few classes. As it stands now,  two weeks of lessons are ready to rock for every grade and though I'm nervous about the new year beginning, it will go well.

One more thing--another big piece of news:

  • Dongsong's only getting 2 replacement teachers and not 3 as we'd figured. This means that a position's been cut from the Cheorwon EPIK program. More on this and what it means later.

  • *Written on the KTX

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