Sunday, March 3, 2013

Live from the KTX/Daegu 1

The Daegu adventures have ended and we're rolling home now. I've now ridden the KTX for the first time and quite enjoyed it. Rochelle was indeed right when she noted its speed and smoothness: The train's smoother than the Mugunghwa train I wrote about in September. That ride took a long time and we did it mostly so I could see the Korean countryside. It was indeed worth the time. The KTX tickets may be more more expensive, but they'e worth it. The 2:10 train ride from Seoul to Daegu flew by. I hardly noticed it.

The Daegu posts will be up soon. We had a great time and will return sometime in the future. For now, here're my initial impressions of the city:

  • People look less glamorous and more casual than Seoulites
  • Everything's closer together
  • Roads and sidewalks are wider
  • Everything's flatter and the city feels more expansive than Seoul.

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