Thursday, May 2, 2013

On the river side / photos from Seoul

Despite my rural residence, I enjoy a good city excursion as much as anyone. Here are some recent photos made possible by the warming spring weather.

Picture taken on the south bank of the Han River on a gorgeous spring day at Yeouinaru Han River Park, looking north toward Seoul Tower. Yeouinaru's one of my favorite places to go in Seoul because it's wide and offers views of the lazy Han River. It tends to draw throngs of people, but the area's wide enough to accommodate everyone. I like to come here to sit, relax, and get a respite from the commotion of the city.

Han River = 한강
Nam Mountain (남산)
Literally, 남산 means "South Mountain," but it is almost always written as Namsan Mountain even though san (mountain) being redundant.

On the pedestrian bridge by Noksapyeong Station, looking south toward the western edge of Itaewon. This intersection's always busy with traffic. Note the underpass that allows vehicles to bypass the intersection.

Noksapyeong Station = 녹사평역 
Itaewon = 이태원. 

On the same bridge, looking north toward Namsan. In the distance are the entrances to the Gyeongnidan and the Haebangchon neighborhoods. You can also see the clusters of houses on the hills around Namsan juxtaposed with the square buildings on the right-hand sight.

Here's the Cocaine Music Bar in Hongdae (홍대) area. I doubt anyone could away with such a name in the States. Perhaps some would take that name as invitation to do such an illicit drug inside the joint? Not the best idea considering Korea's strict drug laws!

Music bars dot the bigger cities here. They're basically rock clubs without the stage--same dark walls, rock posters, songs on the speakers, and Western alcohols. I've been to the Woodstock Music Bar in Gangnam before and had a good time there. Being in there brought back plenty of memories from rock shows in Milwaukee.

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