Monday, May 6, 2013

The sunny return to Jeongja-dong

A quick photo post to cap off the day here.

We've been here before in the winter. While the area's certainly okay then, it's much better in the spring. This past Saturday featured some pristine spring weather. We took took advantage of the sun to cruise down to the Jeongja-dong area of Seongnam, a city south of Seoul. Along the neighborhoods lies the Tancheon, or Tan Stream.

More information:

Going south from Jeongja Station

Going north from Jeongja Station

I liked the waterfall/water conveyor system, so that's why the picture's here. 

Near the cafe street, in the courtyards of the apartment complexes.

This one's dedicated to certain members of the family, for surely they will appreciate a restaurant that puts the wine before the restaurant.

For anyone who likes flowers and inviting green spaces.

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