Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day three of being 27 / Weekend update

Quick but substantial post tonight. Week 3 of school begins tomorrow. The past week has been busy and eventful:

R is coming to Sincheorwon! No more long bus trips to see her. Woohoo.

Sincheorwon's teachers are leaving and will be replaced by Rochelle and another woman.

Josh in Dongsong's teachers is transferring out of Cheorwon and will be replaced by a man.

Alexis in Wasu's finished her year and begins her new job at a school in Seoul. I'm told that Wasu will not get a replacement for her until next month. This means that thanks to another teacher vacating the apartment and moving to Sincheorwon with his wife, I will be the only foreign teacher in Wasu for the time being.

I took over Gracie's phone and consequently have a smart phone now. It's nice to be able to type and to take nice pictures again. All of the pictures that I took and posted her were taken with the iPad camera. It does a decent job, but it's ungainly.

I turned 27. As many surely know, the world doesn't stop on the birthday. Far from it. There were four middle school classes to teach, lessons to plan, and persons to see on that day. In short, I got to do everything I loved. Perhaps others might decry having to work on their birthdays, but not me. Getting things done takes precedence over lazying about any day.

And so begins another era for the Cheorwon Crew...I can't wait to meet the newcomers and show them around. They're coming to an excellent place. We have good people and good schools here. And at the same they come here, Gangwon EPIK has a new head coordinator. I met with him recently and had a stimulating conversation/interview with him. It'll be a pleasure to work with him and the newcomers!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, those on Seoul time. For everyone in the States, it's ~7:45am Central Daylight Savings Time now. Good morning to you. Make it a great day.

Relaxing in Seoul on Friday night. Sunglasses by R. 

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