Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wong's "10 Beliefs of Successful Teachers"

The summer vacation and the summer English camp have come to an end. I'll be posting about them shortly, for the camp exceeded all expectations. We made it a great time! Until then, here's an excerpt from a teaching book that I posted on the bulletin boards surrounding the desk...

An esteemed Education professor recommended Wong and Wong's book The First Days of School during a methods class and it's a pity that it wasn't on the reading list. Here's why:

10 Beliefs of Successful Teachers
1. Believe that every child who enters your classroom wants to grow and learn and be successful and has the capacity to do so.
2.Believe in yourself that you have the skills needed to reach children and move them to new heights. 
3. Believe that every day is a new day with the opportunity to start anew. 
4. Believe that you are part of a greater community of educators who are proud of their profession and dedicated to teaching. 
5. Believe that the smile of welcome you radiate to your students every day  will warm the hearts of of more bodies than you will ever imagine. 
6. Believe in partnerships with colleagues, administrators, and parents that will nurture children. 
7. Believe that you are both a teacher and a learner and grow yourself professionally each year.
8. Believe that hard work is required for success. 
9. Believe that education is the bedrock of humanity. 
10. Believe that we are here to help you and your students achieve success.

What teachers do is nothing short of a miracle that humbles and inspires us all.
It only takes one person to make a difference.
And we applaud the person who does.
Know that you just don't make a difference. 
You ARE the difference. 
You are the window through which children see the world. You are the sanctuary their heavy hearts come to each day.
Nothing brings more happiness than a successful lesson.
Remember, whether you're teaching in Korea or elsewhere, that while you're in the school or classroom, you are an educator and are influencing young minds. 

Wong's words are triply true in Korea. We are here not only as foreign teachers, but also as ambassadors and emissaries of our cultures. We wield the power to change perceptions and change lives by being leaders in our field.

Go forth and make it a great day, everyone.

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