Wednesday, September 11, 2013

12 years ago today / 9-11

I became an English teacher because it allowed for discussing literature as well as history. History education is wonderful, but it's English education that helps us reads the texts the world runs on. Similarly, as an ESL teacher in Korea, I'm in a unique position to blend literature, conversation, culture with history together. All of those things aligned today. Thanks to being on other side of International Date Line, Korea got to September 11 before the USA did. I came to school today with heavy memories of the day. They're heavier now than they were before Korea. Funny how that works. The musician Henry Rollins once wrote that "You're not an American until you leave America," and after two years over he had it right. I never had to fully consider what it means to be American until arriving in Korea, but it came hard and fast when the 10th anniversary of 9-11 came in 2011.

Lest anyone wonder, my high school kids know the significance of the World Trade Centers. I didn't talk too much about the event, but I did show a picture that had the burning towers and the Statue of Liberty in it before beginning the lesson. The idea was to note why the day is important to Americans. Others can talk about it in more detail. Let's take a moment to remember that black day in history. Let's remember the souls caught in the blaze and those who came to their aid.


Here's Woody Guthrie and "This Land Is Your Land."

And CCR with "Don't Look Now"

Carry on, everyone. I'm off to Pyeongchang tomorrow for a Gangwon coordinator's meeting. It should go well.

Make it a great day.

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