Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

...and happy Black Friday, for those who braved the maelstrom that heralds the Christmas shopping season. And for those who will storm the Internet gates for Cyber Monday, I say good hunting. The gods of commerce appreciate your zeal for bargaining.

And, more generally, winter arrived in Cheorwon the form of 6" of snow on Wednesday afternoon. Even now the roads are still iced over thanks to a lack of salting and shoveling. More than a few of us have already slipped and fallen while out. The students threw caution to the wind and began another round of snowball fights in their slippers. Some of the fights made their way into the halls of the school and the detached building I teach in. Thankfully, little snow actually made it into the classrooms themselves. 

I'm thankful for that and much more. I'll say it in a Korean for a change: 가족, 엄마, 아빠, 동생, 여자친구, 철원 원어민 선생님들, 학교직원들. You know who you are. Thanks for being here. Rock on, stay warm, and keep the greasy side down while driving.

From Cheorwon with love.

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