Monday, November 25, 2013

Lunches and dinners

Lunches and dinners from the boys middle school and the high school...I eat well here! Most of the time, the dishes are spicy, but I've grown accustomed to that and enjoy more or less everything the cafeterias have to offer. If I've one complaint, it's that the high school lunch ladies always give me too much rice. Even when I ask for less, they still pile it on. One thing's also for sure: One's never hurting for grains. Some might decry it, but I like it. I'm a grains man...the only problem is, there's too much of them! On some days, we'll get some kind of rice, noodles, and potatoes! It is indeed nearly too. Ich of a good thing, for simply won't all fit in my stomach. It's not good to waste food, but thankfully Koreans tend to dump all their food waste into recycling containers for composting. 

As I may or may not have noted before, most all teachers eat in the cafeteria. We pay about 55 dollars a month (60,000 won) to do so. Some teachers also eat dinner in the cafeteria. Dinner service is also 60,000 won. I'm going to stop going to the school for dinner because cooking stuff at home sounds more appealing these days. It's high time I learned.

Below are some pictures. Enjoy!

Above: This was a special one! Clockwise from the top left: bossam pork and kimchi pancake, gochujang sauce, radishes, spicy tofu soup, lettuce, and rice. 

Clockwise: Beef and quail eggs, spicy noodles and vegetables, kimchi, rice and seaweed, and radish soup.

Above: Fish fillet, kimchi, donut, bean sprouts and other vegetables (surprisingly unspiced!), galbi tang (beef soup), rice.

Another special one for Parents Night at the high school! Clockwise: A big ball of veggie fried rice, black bean noodles (jjajang-myeon), fried mandu (dumplings), radishes, sweet drinking yogurt, and spiced cucumbers.

Spaghetti! This meal marked the only time I've skipped the rice at school in over 2 years.

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