Thursday, July 31, 2014

Moving on and moving out part II: Onward to Sincheorwon / Updates

The transfer list has arrived, so the wait is over: My request went through and I'm going to Sincheorwon to teach at the middle school and (most likely) the high school.

I'm relieved. Like I said here, I'm eager to take over for the leaving teacher and work with her coteachers. Next semester's looking like it will be an important one for EPIK, what with job shadowing and our continuing efforts for professional development. Staying as Coordinator means more work, but I'm ready for the challenge.


I'm slowly working through the (self-made) backlog of posts and post ideas. Two of them have made it online: The "pages" sidebar on the right of the screen has links to my notes from the summer class as well as a page about books for new or prospective EPIK teachers. The book page came to mind last year, for late July and August mark when the EPIK application process gets serious. I thought it'd be good to list some things to read or pack in the suitcase so applicants could prepare themselves for teaching in Korea. The page will get updated at intervals.

As for the class page, it represents something I'd long thought of: A web resource for the students, my thoughts on each lesson, and notes from the lessons.

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