Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quick Hit: Foodstuffs, Sandals

Bibimbap in all its sublimely tasty glory. It's rice with a fried egg and various vegetables and it works as a breakfast, lunch or dinner dish. I'd especially recommend it as a good meal to have after a night out. This particular photo got taken at a restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal.  Usually the rice is already inside the bowl and the tasty pepper paste is on the side though. No matter: the generous array of side dishes sets this bibimbap apart from the rest. There's spicy bean sprout soup, kimchi, spinach, and more for 5,000won. Quite the treat considering it killed part of an hour wait time between buses home.

These kinds of sandals are available everywhere here and they're dirt cheap: 2-4,000won gets you a new sturdy and comfortable pair. Some come in different colors too. I thought I'd post this because they're part of life here. Everyone wears them.

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