Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vacation Pt. 1B: Daejeon info

Update: it's around 9pm local time here and I'm sitting on the patio outside of Ediya Coffee beside a big 4 way intersection. The heat's died down and the wind's picked up. It feels refreshing. If it were cooler, this wind would be too much to bear, but it's a welcome change from the usually still nights.  While there is usually a slight breeze in Wasu or Seoul, I've only noticed brisk winds in storms. 

The day's winding down here. So far a few groups of elementary school kids have asked me how I'm doing and where I'm from. A 30-something man did the same earlier while I was writing this. This usually happens any time I go anywhere here and it makes getting around fun. Kids seem to love to practice their English whenever they encounter a foreigner. They just come up and start talking. 

I forgot to include links to sites about Daejeon earlier. The city is Korea's 5th largest and it's the capital of Chungcheongnam-do. It lies in the middle of the country. You may be wondering what I chose to come here, so here it is: I wanted a new city to see and a new part of the country to see. I haven't been south of Suwon (a city south of Seoul that's connected via the subway) or Gangneung yet and thought this place would work. I don't know anybody here and don't know of any trendy places to go as well. That's all right though. I didn't come for any craziness. Not knowing anybody won't be too much of a problem here--as opposed to Wasu--but that may change by Friday. Who knows. It's time to keep walking. Cheers.

Daejeon on Wikipedia

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