Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Latte King

It may be small, but it serves excellent coffee--it's second only to Terarosa for the best in Korea, but don't call that a criticism, for both places serve up excellent brews. Their iced soy latte tastes creamy and bitter, plus it's strong and comes in a tall glass. Normally I take my coffee as black as the abyss, but it's good to drink something else every now and then, especially when it involves soy milk. Besides, extra won's more than worth it when the coffee can remind you of home. This Latte King's in the Haebangchon neighborhood of Seoul and I make a point of going there every time I go to Rochelle's place. We'd both thought it was a one-off place, but it is, to our surprise, part of a chain.

For those who want some food with their coffee, Latte King does offer sandwiches, cookies, and muffins. I haven't tried any of the sandwiches yet, but plenty of customers have ordered them and they've all looked tasty. There's wifi for your iPad and stack of magazines to read too. Go there and enjoy some quality drinks and food.

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