Tuesday, April 9, 2013

5 reasons why Wasu's better than Seoul

Top 5 reasons why Wasu is better than Seoul (Why the country beats the city)

  • Better service/cheaper prices in restaurants
    • Proprietors tend to be more generous with portions and side dishes here.
  • Slower pace of life/less trendy BS
    • We may lack the wide assortment of ethnic restaurants and any semblance of club life, but we have a few decent bars, noraebangs, bowling alleys, great Korean food, and plenty of chicken and beer joints. There's little to no debate about where to go because of the smaller amount of options.
  • Fewer people
    • Fewer ajummas jabbing you in the subway, fewer slow walkers everywhere, fewer cars and buses blaring their horns.
    • Fewer cars/trucks/buses
    • Cleaner air
  • Incentives to learn Korean: need to get on with locals.
    • The lack of/lower level of English make it necessary to learn basic Korean to get around. Doing so helped us gain cultural fluency and has resulted in plenty of interesting moments.
  • Celebrity status
    • There are 8 foreigners in Cheorwon, so when we do something, people notice. 

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