Thursday, April 4, 2013

All's well on the frontier

This'll be a quick one. Despite the rhetoric from both sides of the DMZ, all's well over here in Wasu. The days have been quiet and the military hasn't done anything out of the ordinary. No tanks have rolled through the streets, in case you're curious. I do hope that this verbal duel ends quickly because it's not doing anyone any favors though.

It's been a normal school week. I'm looking forward to rocking a few more lessons at the Girls Middle School and drafting next week's lessons before rolling home tomorrow.

The year's off to a pretty good start.

Let's sign off with a couple of classic UK punk tracks.

The Subhumans' song "Powergames." You can find it on their finest album, Worlds Apart.

UK Subs' song "Warhead." Available on Brand New Age.

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