Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting back to the groove: What Gangwon Dispatches focuses on

According to Blogger's statistics:
  • Gangwon Dispatches has garnered 1,000 hits for the second month in a row
  • It has surpassed 10,000 hits since I started it in August of 2011.
Thank you to everyone who's been reading. I began writing these Dispatches to focus on two topics: Teaching and my travels in Korea. Both topics cover plenty of ground and have provided plenty to write about. Teaching's brought about posts on methods/strategies as well as spurred reflections on the US and Korea. Traveling around the country's brought forth posts on various cities, foods, and celebrations. Living here's also sparked my always-high interest in music, so I've written plenty on Korean music, too.

As of late I've been veering away from the blog's original focus and have thus diluted its content with extraneous posts. Those posts have taken away from what I want Dispatches to be. There will be no more like them. In time, I may write of other topics, but they won't be on this blog.

Since arriving in Korea, I've endeavored to keep positive and enjoy every day over here. Coming here represented a huge opportunity to work with help the community and to bring the best of Korea home to family and friends in the US and elsewhere. As I'm just one guy, I can't possibly cover everything Korea has to offer, but I can write about some of the interesting and positive things I see over here. Despite being on person, I and my fellow teachers serve important functions in the community.

In keeping with being a schoolteacher and amateur travelogue writer, I'm going back to Dispatches' original two focuses of teaching (and strategies thereof) and of highlighting my travels around the country. As the blog's readership has grown, so has my responsibility to write things worth reading and learning from. Stay tuned for more articles about teaching, language, and travels.

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