Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Ballad of Kim Ho-bo

Customs/Traveling role play part II

During that lesson, we got into talking about the word "Hobo" and what it means after the kids started talking about traveling somewhere to stay on the streets. They caught on right away. One boy started saying "Kim Ho-bo!" and began to call a girl "Kim Ho-bo" thanks to the first part of her name being Bo.

Point of information: Bo and Ho are both parts of common Korean names. Ho-jin, Jun-ho, and Min-ho are all common names for boys; Bo-mi, Bo-yeon, and Bo-kyoung are all common names for girls. It isn't too much of a stretch to make Ho-bo.

So with that in mind, I walked into the last HS class of the week to find "I am not hobo!" written on the board and knew instantly who it was. The girl and the boy hadn't forgotten the joke, so class picked up right where it left off the week before. I said, "Right you are, Ho-bo!" She took the jokes in stride and we all had a laugh. It looks like she'll be participating more now thanks to having played her role in these two excellent classes. We'll see. She hadn't done too much talking before, but things can always change.

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