Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Classroom quotes: Greater Cheorwon edition

I recently asked the Cheorwon crew the following questions:

What are 3 of the most interesting things any of your students have said to you or that you've overheard recently?

To you, what are the top 3 strangest things about life in Korea?

To you, what are the top 3 best things about life in Korea?

Top 3 recent K-pop songs?

Here are some of their responses:

From Gracie, an elementary school teacher in Sincheorwon:  “Teecha, I am pineapple.”

  •  “Teecha, I am pineapple.”
    • “You ate a pineapple?:
    • “No, teecha! I AM pineapple.”
  • “Teecha, on September 5th, I saw you with a man. Who was he?”
  • “Teecha, we should be more concern with environmental terrorists.”
    • “Envrionmental interests.”
    • “Yes, environmental interrorists.”
  •  "Teecha, you know poison? YOU EAT IT YOU DIE!"

From Lisha, an elementary school teacher in Uncheon: "Teacher, fall is the time of year when the leaves get a suntan!"

From Alexis, an elementary school teacher in Wasu: " Teacher! Black skin!"

From Esther, an elementary school teacher in Dong Song:  "mm migook nemseh" as i walked by. which translated to "mmm american smell"

Kirsten, a boys middle school and technical high school teacher in Wasu:  "Walking home with a student yesterday (high school grade 1):

"Teacher, I'm going to see my girlfriend this weekend. (paraphrasing) She lives five hours away."
Me: "So will you stay with her over the weekend?"
S: "Yes, i sleep with her"
Me: "You sleep wi
th her?!"
S: "Yes, she sleeps on the bed and i am on the floor, but it's so cold. So i say to her 'ooh, i'm so cold, can I go there?' and she said yes. so i went and... mmmm, so warm."

^^ Kirsten's story cracks me up. It's cute and serious at the same time. Boys will be boys.

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